The Editors

This project is run by Guy Hunt and Colleen Morgan:

Guy Hunt

Guy is a Director of L – P : Archaeology a british commercial archaeology unit which has a strong emphasis on the use of new technology in the creation and dissemination of archaeological media. Guy works both in the field and the office on a variety of archaeological projects. Guy is a photographer with an interest in the way photography may be used as a tool to document the experience and sensations of archaeological sites and excavations.

Colleen Morgan

Colleen Morgan is an archaeology Ph.D. candidate in the Anthropology Department at the University of California, Berkeley.  After receiving her B.A. in Anthropology/Asian Studies in 2004 at the University of Texas, Colleen worked as a professional archaeologist.  Since that time, she has worked in Texas, Turkey, Hawaii and California, excavating sites 100 years old and 9,000 years old and anything in-between.  Her dissertation is based on building archaeological narratives with New Media, using digital photography, video, mobile and locative devices.  She is deeply interested in excavation methodology, high falutin’ theory, skeuomorphs and good bourbon.


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